Jackson Metro Area


ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover, Viewing April 8, 2007
Jeff Brantley MLB, ESPN
Howard Sherman & Sela Ward, Actor
David Nutt, Attorney
Vaughn McRae, Business
Dr. Ching Chen, Physician
Mike Frascogna, Attorney
Vic Carmody, Attorney
Dr. Randy Easterling, Physician
Tommie Goodman, The Max
Dr. Don Faucett, Physician
Dr. Tom Kilgore, Physician
Dr. Fred McMillian, Physician
Ted DiBiase, Motivational Speaker
Dr. Lynn Stringer, Physician
Dr. Raymond Grenfell, Physician
Dr. Ed Rigdon, Physician
Dr. Wes Bennett, Physician
Dr. John Hicks, Physician
Marty Milstead, MS Home Builders
Bob McKay, President HBAJ
Randy Swan, WDAM Anchor
Larry Stroud, Attorney
Richard Rehfeldt, Attorney
Gerald Polk, Mason Contractor
Corbin McGriff, Environmental Consultant
Dr. Gerry Ann Houston, Physician
Susan Copeland, Pharmaceutical Sales
Mike Palmer, Physician
David Allen, CPA
John Mitchell, Business Owner
Ken Walley, Dentist
Alex Abernathy, Dentist
Dr. Patrick Barrett, Physician
Dr. Malcolm Taylor, Physician
Dr. James O’Mara, Physician
John Evans, Lemuria Bookstore
Greg Nethery, On Site Fuel
Jim Love, LoveComm
Bob Naef
Bill Brown, Brown Bottling
Dr. Taylor, Physician
David Cleland, Banker
Dr. Vinod Anand, Physician
Dr. Marshall, Physician
Dr. Brannon Aden, Physician
Dr. John Adams, Physician
Andrew Mattice, Mattice Company
Dr. David Segrest, Physician
Robert Donald, Industrial Steel Co.
Gene Phillips, Phillips and Assoc.
J L Roberts
Subway- Madison, Spillway
Pinnacle Trust
Wachovia Securities
Hightower Agency
Decker/ Duvall Architects
Jackson Paper
Juicy Drama
Neel Schaffer
Owens Illinois- Manufacturing
Que Sera’
Saint Anthony Catholic Church
Tougaloo College
Atmos Energy
Edible Arrangements
Red Square
Bella Chase
Millsaps College
Mississippi College
Jacson State University
Morgan White Group
Bureau of Land Management
Electric Power Association of Mississippi
Builders & Contractors
David Weems Construction
Terray Thompson Builder
Josh Harkins
Carey Pennebaker
Legacy Builders, Mitch McGarrh
Lisa Thompson, Architect
Joe Graves
Steve Meyers
Morris Goodman Builders, Jim Goodman
Lakepoint Homes, Chris Wartez
Randy Berg Builders, Randy Berg
Terry Powell
Fairway Homes, Robert Devine
Cedarcrest Homes, Ira Harvell
Graham Parker Homes
Dogwood Construction, Mark Haskins
Sullivan Homes, Keith Sullivan
Lowry Construction, HA Lowry
Cooper Builders, Barry Cooper
Dabbs Construction, Clay Dabbs
Webber Brewer Builder
Hemphill Homes, Bobby Hemphill
Sykes Custom Homes, Robin Sykes
Simmons Construction, Michael Simmons
Butler Builders, Jim Butler
Bob Merchant
Marcus Martin Builders
Chip Thomas Construction
This is a small sample of our clientele list. 
Please contact us for additional references.

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