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AVS Inc. & Players Audio Video continue to be the leading provider of expert design and installation of both residential and commercial audio video.  We have been blessed with being very busy over the past couple years.  The unfortunate side of being so booked is that we find difficulty in managing all the service calls and troubleshooting appointments.  To answer this on-going problem and to continue to find new and innovative ways to solve our customer's issues, we have launched our new virtual service call or VSC.  Simply put, this allows us to quickly respond to you, our valued client, with top notch service and save you money at the same time.  Virtual service calls cost $53.50 including tax.  If we cannot resolve the issue through a VSC, then you will be scheduled for a service call with one of our technicians and you will only be responsible for the balance of a single technician service call, currently is an additional $45.00 + tax.  So, our VSC will not cost you more than a typical service call and could potentially save you almost half of the cost.

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